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Classical guitars

Here at Mi Music Store we've got a wide range of both Classical and Spanish Nylon String guitars at every price point - whether you're just starting out or need a classical for your orchestral ensemble, we've got you covered. The Nylon String is a popular contemporary instrument but is most favoured by Classical and Spanish guitar players due to the sound of the nylon strings. They’re crisp and clear with a fairly short, percussive decay. We stock some of the best Nylon String guitar brands in the world including Valencia, Alvarez, Admira and Taylor Guitars. Classical Guitars for Beginners Classical Nylon String guitars are a popular choice for beginners of all ages and there’s a logical reason behind why. The Nylon Strings are much softer to press down than the Steel Strings on a standard acoustic guitar and this means you can learn while building up your finger strength. The action (the height of the string from the fretboard) on a Nylon String is generally a little bit higher than a standard acoustic but because there’s less tension on the strings, they’re still easier to play. This is especially when you’re learning how to play chords and fretting more than one string at a time. We stock starter packs in a number of variations, designed to make it incredibly easy for you (or your child) to start learning the guitar. Professional Classical & Nylon String Guitars We don’t only stock beginner nylon string guitars. For the professionals we stock both Taylor & Yamaha. The Yamaha Silent Guitar has been a revelation for Classical guitar players because it produces beautiful tones when plugged into an amp. Though the guitar may not look conventional, if you closed your eyes you would swear it’s the best sounding nylon string you’ve ever heard! The fact that these guitars don’t have a soundhole also means they heavily reduce feedback too. Nylon String Accessories We also stock a vast range of acoustic guitar accessories which you can view by clicking here! We stock Nylon Guitar strings, Capos for Classical guitars as well as clip-on tuners and guitar straps for Classical Guitars.
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